Size Chart

We have created a size chart for you! Now you can find your perfectly fitting T-shirt right away:

Size Chest width Length Sleeve length
S 47 cm 63 cm 24 cm
M 50 cm 66 cm 25 cm
L 53 cm 69 cm 26 cm
XL 56 cm 71 cm 27 cm
XXL 59 cm 74 cm 28 cm

Take a T-shirt, which you like to wear and in which you feel comfortable, out of your closet. Measure the t-shirt, whilst it is stretched out and lying flat on a horizontal surface (e.g. a table), from armpit to armpit. Now compare the determined breast width with our chart. To compare the sleeve length, measure the distance from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the sleeve, in centimeters. Now measure from the shoulder seam to the bottom to compare the length of your shirt with our chart.

Sizing Chart